We're hitting that magically stressful time of the year; 'tis the season for holiday travel. Is your BMW 3 series, X series, or BMW i equipped for winter conditions? Even if you've got the confidence of xDrive under your feet, there are a dozen quick tricks that will set you up for success this season.

And fortunately, with the premier service available at Hendrick stores, it's easy to get everything you need with the competitive pricing that you want from professionally-trained mechanics. But why genuine BMW service? Along with using only BMW parts and accessories to ensure high-quality repairs and additions, our expert technicians are certified in caring for the very cars that we sell. That means that we know your car and its needs inside and out, before you even bring it in to us.

Watch the video below to see if you can tell the difference between genuine and generic; you'll likely find the answer to your question. Contact your local BMW Service Center to learn more about winter auto service and how you can keep your BMW luxury car or SUV in top shape.

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