BMW's 2015 Year-End Review Looks Forward to 2016

For 2015, the BMW brand spent a bit of extra time focusing on the smaller members of their new sport luxury vehicle lineup--namely small sport sedans and compact luxury SUVs--with some very big results.

The BMW 3 series saw some of the biggest news and improvements over the year, especially with the release of the stunning 2016 BMW 340i and a new plug-in hybrid model. The refresh introduced upgraded suspension and steering, more spacious interior room, and a smarter navigation system.

Ready to go on sale in the spring--and what a welcome way to say goodbye to winter!--the 2016 BMW M2 was one of our absolute favorite 2015 news items.

A quieter arrival, though no less impressive, came about through the BMW X1 SUV. With similar efficiency and performance to past models, the new X1 offers a more sport utilitarian drive quality and better interior space.

Check out the video below to get the full scoop on BMW's 2015 year in review as compiled by Autoblog; feel free to contact us online, or visit your local BMW Center.

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