Many BMW fans--and critics--were ecstatic when they learned of the all-new 2016 BMW M2.

It was bold, it was beautiful, and it was seen as a return to form for a brand that had been accused of getting too soft and abandoning their sharp, aggressive roots.

With the arrival of this wild new model, those complaints have been well and truly silenced.

Ever since its release at the Detroit Auto Show back in January, the M2 coupe has been capturing attention from just about every corner of the automotive world. However, all of this attention has led to one very important question:

Can the 2016 BMW M2 live up to the incredible hype that's growing around it?

Even for those who've sworn their savings on one of these new beauties, it is a compelling inquiry. The new two-door is supposed to be a worthy successor for the popular and beloved BMW 1 Series M coupe, with a cutting-edge new attitude.

So, drivers at Motor Trend decided to take the new M2 for a spin to put it through its paces on true proving ground--the track--against a car that's a legend in its own right: the BMW M4. Watch the video below to see who comes out on top.

Motor Trend mused that it would "[not be an exaggeration] to say that the M2 marks the return of The Ultimate Driving Machine" for hardcore driving fans.

While we don't believe that the beauty and majesty of BMW's machines ever went anywhere, we can see how the truly devoted would be overjoyed by the addition of a coupe that was absolutely designed and engineered to be a non-stop thrill ride.

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