"You can wait... or you can drive."

The dreamy new BMW 3 Series lineup, available now at Hendrick BMW, is the car you want without compromise. The affordable everyday driver you need with the tight-in-the-corners, fast-on-the-freeway, light-in-your-hands performance that you crave.

The BMW 3 Series has been the top sports sedan in the Charlotte area for years--staying on top because of its iconic style, modern design, advanced technology, and passion for the craft. Whether you choose a model like the affordable and fun-to-drive 2017 BMW 320i, or the well-equipped and luxurious 2017 BMW 328i sedan, the new lineup offers an unparalleled selection of price and performance for every type of lifestyle.

But wait... there's more.

The thrilling BMW 3-Series lineup will be expanding shortly, as the new 72MPGe BMW 330e begins to join us. Contact Hendrick BMW for details.

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