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The Right Tires Make for the Best Performance: Shop New BMW Tires for Sale

Finding and purchasing new tires for your BMW 3 Series, 5 Series, X1, X5, or M3 has never been easier. Online at Hendrick BMW, you can browse hundreds of tire options with the click of a button. Search by vehicle or by tire size to narrow down your choices.

You can find popular tires by Bridgestone, Continental, Goodyear, Michelin, Pirelli, and more. Choose your tires, select the type of service that you'll be needing, and choose a service appointment date that works for you. Simple as that.

Why Buy from our Certified BMW Tire Center in Charlotte?

While there are independent tire stores in Charlotte, as well as a variety of available online tire shopping options, you can't get the same level of service, knowledge, and product expertise anywhere else but your local BMW Center.

Our technicians know your BMW inside and out, and it goes beyond just knowing tire size. We know how different brands and different sizes can affect how your car feels and drives, and which exact product will help your BMW reach its optimal performance levels.

What Are BMW Run-Flat Tires and Do I Need Them?

Many modern BMW cars and SUVs are outfitted with run-flat tires as standard equipment. The benefits of a run-flat tire (RFT) are many, but center around the freedom and confidence given to a driver that won't be stuck on the side of the road in the event of a tire puncture. While there are limitations to how far you can drive on a RFT (and how fast you can drive) this convenience is indispensable during situations where it otherwise wouldn't be safe to pull over and change a tire, or to wait for a tow truck.

Standard, non-run-flat tires are available for all BMW models, but you may find that the convenience and peace-of-mind of a RFT is worth the slightly higher cost. Let our Charlotte BMW service team help you find the right BMW run-flat tire for the right price.