Feeling the Temptation? Don't Worry--Financing Your BMW May Be Easier Than You Think

If you have your sights set on the newest BMW 3-series, 6-series, X-series, or a thrilling new BMW M-series model, then we're here to help. If you're on a budget and shopping smart with a used or Certified Pre-Owned BMW, we have your solution for that, too. Because these are all vehicles that were made to be driven--not made to sit on a lot--we make it easy for you to get into the driver's seat of the sport sedan or luxury SUV that you want.

If you're a recent college grad, then you'll be particularly interested in BMW's exclusive program that was built just for you and your unique needs. Qualifying graduates are eligible to receive a $1,000 incentive and the best possible lease or loan rates when you purchase a new vehicle; for CPO vehicles, you'll still enjoy a $750 incentive. Check out the BMW College Grad Incentive Program to learn more.

Explore your options below to see which financing plan might be best for you.

Financing is available at three greater Charlotte locations:

>  Hendrick BMW  South Blvd.
>  BMW Charlotte
>  BMW Northlake

Lease Benefits

Lease a New BMW Model, and Always Be Ahead of the Pack

Leasing can be a financially sound decision for many people; not only do you get the benefit of driving a new car every 24-42 months, but you could actually pay less per month than if you were to buy. At the end of your term, you can return the model and trade-up, re-lease for another term, buy it outright, or just walk away. Leasing might be right for you if:

  • You drive about 12,000 miles per year or less*
  • You enjoy being on the forefront of technology and comfort
  • You plan to upgrade to a nicer, newer car every few years

*Higher-mileage lease plans are available.

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Purchasing Benefits

Own Your BMW, Own Your Life: Custom Financing Makes it Simple

With competitive rates, exciting opportunities, and the thrill of full ownership at the end of your loan term, financing offers freedom in a way that leasing doesn't; want to leave the state or even the country? Want to sell or trade-in your car? Enjoy unbeatable flexibility by financing your new BMW. An auto loan may be the best choice for you if:

  • You drive more than 12,000 - 15,000 miles per year
  • You like the feeling of owning your car outright, and want complete control over customization and performance
  • You plan to drive the same car for many years
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