Why Lease a BMW in Charlotte

Leasing a New BMW Model Could Be An Excellent Option for You

According to a study performed this year, as many as 57% of BMW drivers choose to lease their new car--and that's a trend that we're seeing across many luxury brands, with a large percentage of those numbers going to small luxury sedans like the BMW 330i and the new BMW 320i. More than half of premium vehicle customers are ditching the long-term commitment and choosing the easy, affordable, and upscale lifestyle of luxury car leasing. Will you be one of them?

The number one reason that drivers choose BMW leasing is simple: it's more affordable month-by-month to lease than it is to buy. That means that you can get into a brand-new, well-equipped, stunning luxury car for hundreds of dollars less per month than buying. But that's not the only incentive that drives us toward leasing a new luxury car.

Here are the top three reasons that drivers choose to lease a new BMW instead of buy.

1. A Great Selection of Available Luxury Sports Cars

Fortunately, if you choose to lease a luxury car, you won't be short on options. The new BMW lineup gives you your choice of dozens of exceptional models, including coupes, small and full-size sedans, crossovers, SUVs, and sport wagons. From the affordable BMW 228i coupe to the stunning BMW X5 SUV, it's easy to find a sporty new car to perfectly complement your lifestyle.

2. Flexible BMW Leasing Options

BMW knows that no two drivers are exactly alike--so no two BMW leases will be exactly alike, either. But that's why we give you more options to customize a flexible lease based on what you need. You can choose your model and trim level, choose your lease term (the average is 36 months but can flex to 24 months, 42 months, etc.) and choose your annual mileage limitations. 12,000 miles per year is the industry average, but many drivers choose 10,000 miles or less to keep costs down, while others prefer a higher-mileage allotment for more freedom. Thanks to BMW's Mileage Adjustment Program, you can purchase more miles for a low price should you find yourself going over that limit before your lease is up.

And thanks to exciting new BMW lease deals, it's easy to get into a brand-new lease vehicle today.

3. Warranty Coverage and Full Confidence

BMW offers a basic and powertrain warranty for every new model that covers 4 years or 50,000 miles--whatever comes first. So even if you choose a BMW lease that spans over 42 months, you'll still be covered. In the event of an extreme accident, where the vehicle may be a total loss, available GAP Protection covers that "gap" between what you've paid toward the lease and what you still owe on the vehicle. It's ultimate peace of mind on the ultimate driving machine.

Ready to get started? You can apply for a BMW lease online, or contact Hendrick BMW to speak with one of our leasing specialists.

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