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BMW Ultimate Service Maintenance Plan

It stands to reason that a truly exceptional vehicle deserves truly exceptional care and service--that's why BMW offered its complimentary Ultimate Service Plan on new BMW models from MY 2016 and earlier. The exclusive service would cover your BMW for up to 4 years or 50,000 miles, whatever came first.

Ultimate Service plans not only cover the basics--like oil changes, tire rotation, and filter replacement--but also provide for certain products in need of replacement simply by normal wear-and-tear, like brakes, engine belts, manual-transmission clutches, and wiper blades. The Ultimate Service package is one of the most valuable and long-lasting of all the complimentary maintenance packages offered by luxury manufacturers, and saves owners hundreds if not thousands of dollars over the first few years of ownership.

Contact Hendrick BMW to learn about Ultimate Service and maintenance packages for your BMW model.

BMW Ultimate Care Maintenance Plan

For MY 2017 and newer, BMW's complimentary maintenance program will be served as "BMW Ultimate Care" and will cover your new BMW for up to 3 years or 36,000 miles--whichever comes first. While this coverage plan is shorter than previous generations of the program, it's still the perfect amount of coverage for lessees and short-term owners; BMW claims that about 60% of BMW drivers keep their current vehicle for three years or less, meaning that the fourth year of coverage wasn't being utilized.

Ultimate Care still covers all of the basic necessities of service and maintenance, like engine oil and filter change, brake fluid change, cabin and engine air filter replacement, spark plug check and/or replacement, remote control/key battery assistance, multi-point vehicle check, and diesel-engine fuel filter change. BMW Ultimate Care is non-transferable, and stays with the original owner for the term.

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BMW Assist

BMW Assist is the perfect complement to the driver on-the-go. Whether you travel for work or for pleasure, or your demanding life simply keeps you on the move, this virtual assistant is on-hand to help keep everything running smoothly. It's a suite of safety and convenience services that is available in tandem with BMW ConnectedDrive services--it offers fast assistance with up-to-date traffic information and navigation along alternate routes, as well as automatic emergency services in the event of an accident.

The system itself can even dictate messages, show weather icons and patterns in the navigation map, and even send maps information and locations right to your BMW from your phone or computer. BMW Assist eCall gives you access to an expert response specialist whenever you're in need of aid, providing services like Stolen Vehicle Recovery, door unlock, enhanced roadside assistance, accident management, and more.

BMW Roadside Assistance

Another in the long line of BMW exclusive benefits, services, and perks is BMW Roadside Assistance: this complimentary program is available on new BMW models, leased vehicles, and even Certified Pre-Owned BMW models, and provides on-the-road assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year--even if you're not behind the wheel. So if you loan your sedan, coupe, or SUV to a friend or family member, you can be assured that they'll be protected, too. If you get stuck, BMW Roadside Assistance representatives can help you, with maps and directions. Your representative can even provide routes for your road trip, and help you re-route and find accommodations should something come up and your trip is interrupted.

This 24/7 assistance is available in all 50 states, plus Canada and Puerto Rico, so you can roam confidently. Whether you run out of gas, you blow a tire or get a flat, or your car breaks down and you need a tow, BMW Roadside Assistance will be there for you. This service is offered at no cost to you for the first four years of ownership--if you buy new or lease--and for six years from the original in-service date if you buy Certified Pre-Owned. There are no mileage restrictions to the Roadside Assistance Program, giving you more freedom than ever before.

Contact Hendrick BMW for more information about the range of services, and any limitations, including in Roadside Assistance.

Oil Change Services

Check your BMW service menu, and you'll see one thing popping up more frequently than any other: engine oil change, and engine filter change. This essential service is, without a doubt, one of the cheapest and most simple ways to maintain your vehicle's quality and performance, and to extend the life of your engine. As the quality synthetic oil flows through your system, it lubricates the moving parts to cut down on friction and heat; it removes harmful particles and dirt that would otherwise cause corrosion and sludge accumulation; it even works to make engine performance more efficient, therefore increasing fuel economy.

The recommended oil change interval for BMW models produced after 2014 is 10,000 miles or one year--whichever comes first. This schedule is longer than the typical automakers' interval, thanks to BMW's highly efficient engines and use of high-quality synthetic engine oils. For models produced before 2014, oil change interval can vary based on model-year, mileage, driving conditions, or other factors.

If you're unsure of how often you should be changing the oil and engine oil filters in your BMW sedan, coupe, or SUV, contact the specialists at Hendrick BMW.

Tire Centers--Sales and Service

Your BMW offers some of the most advanced safety and security features on the market--but do you know what your vehicle's first line of defense actually is while you're on the roads? It's your tires A good set of quality, strong tires can mean the difference between a smooth turn and a skid; a hard stop or a fender-bender; a confident trip on icy roads or a dangerous journey. And knowing which tires are going to be the best for your unique vehicle and needs is just as important as knowing when you'll need to repair or replace older tires.

Hendrick BMW tire centers are here to help. You can schedule appointments online to have your tires inspected, inflated, or replaced.

The typical suggested "expiration date" for most modern tires is 10 years after the date of manufacture, because the actual rubber that makes up the tire body naturally starts to break down, making it unsafe for the roads. However, since many tires tend to be worn down after an average of 30,000 to 50,000 miles, you will likely need new tires long before that decade mark. How can you tell when it's time to trade out for a new set? Brand-new tires have a tread depth of roughly 10/32" to 11/32", to ensure a solid grip on the road--the lowest that depth can reach before becoming essentially useless is 2/32". At that point, it's time to upgrade.

Schedule service appointments at your local Hendrick BMW center for tire rotation, puncture repair, inflation, balancing and alignment, and new/seasonal tire installation. Shop brands like Michelin, Dunlop, Bridgestone, Continental, Pirelli, and Goodyear, and explore products like tires, wheels, rims, and custom accessories.

Brake Service

When it comes to brake inspections and service for your BMW, being proactive is highly preferred to being reactive--replacing brakes is a fairly simple and inexpensive process as compared to the time and effort it takes to recondition your vehicle when your worn-down breaks fail you in an emergency. And while your BMW's brakes are specifically designed and engineered to provide the best and highest performance possible, they still need care.

Our techs recommend that you ask for a visual brake inspection every time you visit your service center--professionals will be able to check the condition of brake discs, the level of brake fluid in the reservoir, the thickness of brake pads, and to check for any damage or leaks that may have occurred since your last inspection.

While brake repair has no specific mileage or time limitations--because it's based largely or entirely on driving style and environment--there are certain things you can keep watch for. Contact your service center immediately if: your ABS warning light comes on; your brake dashboard light is lit up; your brake pedal is spongy or slow to respond; you smell something acrid or burning; you hear grinding or squealing noises while braking.

Ask us today about the cost of BMW brake service, about when you may be due for brake fluid change, or about the condition of your brakes.

Cabin and Engine Air Filters

There's no feeling like taking in a deep breath of fresh air; but if the cabin or engine air filter in your BMW hasn't been changed recently, you may be breathing in dust particles, pollen, or even mold.

These air filters work continuously to remove harmful and bothersome particles from the air, to protect both your lungs and your engine's most vital components. When a filter is fresh and new, it effectively traps a large variety of contaminants, and removes microscopic irritants from the air being taken in by your engine and by your air circulation system. It's typically recommended that these filters are changed every 15,000 miles or so--but you may need to change them more frequently if your driving conditions demand it.

Dirty filters make for dirty air; left full for too long, you and your engine could start to be exposed to dirt, dust, pollen, sand, even bacteria and mold that may begin to grow. A dirty air filter can even have financial consequences as it causes your engine to use more oil! Ask your Hendrick BMW service technician to check the condition of your air filters at your next visit.

NC State Inspections

While yearly state inspections may be inconvenient, they're an important part of your vehicle's quality assurance and an important way to ensure that the other cars on the road with you stay safe. It takes a very short amount of time, and the cost is usually minimal as compared to other services. North Carolina state inspections require two very important aspects: a safety inspection and an emissions inspection.

The safety inspection looks carefully at multiple checkpoints within the vehicle, including directional signals, foot and parking brake, steering, windshield wipers, headlights, accessory lights, and the functionality of the computerized equipment. The emissions inspection only requires a very simple check of your vehicle's computerized emissions equipment. These inspections are required whenever NC drivers renew their registration--or, about once a year. And since many BMW services are required every 12 months, on average, it may be convenient for you to schedule services like oil changes and tire rotation at the same time as you schedule your state inspection.

Hendrick BMW service centers are authorized state inspection stations--call or contact your local center to schedule an appointment before your twelve months are up.

Check Engine Light

All drivers know the dread and annoyance of the check engine light; while it could be something as simple as a burned-out spark plug, a faulty O2 sensor, or even just a slightly loose gas cap, that ominous glow could mean something much more serious. Whether it's a solid light or its flashing, it's important to get your vehicle checked out at an authorized BMW dealer as quickly as possible.

Some check engine light codes can be easily identified, but others are a bit more tricky. That's why it pays to go to a certified BMW service center for a checkup; boasting the latest state-of-the-art technology, we can quickly identify and assess any issues you may be having, from small inconveniences to big problems like broken hoses, non-functioning coolant systems, a blown gasket, or worse.

Check engine light diagnostics are just another area of our expertise, and oftentimes fixing the issue is as simple as a tune-up or a quick repair. But if your light is on, don't wait around for a problem to arise. Visit your local Hendrick BMW service center, and be proactive first.